At Poppyfield Academy, the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum define our Science curriculum.

As part of our long-term planning, year groups are allocated Science topics to ensure that children cover all aspects of science as they progress through the school. Lessons are supplemented with resources and real-life experiences to maximise opportunities for practical work and cross-curricular links.

We encourage all of our learners to do their very best and to enable this we provide our children with the skills, experiences and knowledge to develop their scientific understanding. We ensure children are familiar with key vocabulary and concepts using word mats and encourage them to do their own learning at home to support them before the lessons begin. We provide our children with a variety of different resources to engage with to aid their experiments and investigations. To support those unable to articulate their findings in writing they are offered opportunities to express verbally their understanding and observations.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Parents and other caregivers can nurture this curiosity in children of all ages by creating a positive and safe environment at home for exploration and discovery.