Welcome to Year One

Mrs Tabberer and Miss Higgins welcome you to Year One

Rabbit class supports the transition from the Early Years into the Year One curriculum. Here they continue to develop their independent, helping them to become more resilient learners.

They expand their knowledge of Read, Write Inc. Phonics and begin to experience structured full class lessons.

Challenge Packs

Summer Term

Really Rural, Utterly Urban! – How can we produce a locally sourced traditional breakfast for our family?

In this challenge pack children learn all about what is meant by rural and urban. They will look at what areas surround them and what them so special. They will also look at the difference between processed and fresh food and link this to growing and producing their own. Through stories the children will learn about farming and the importance of this to provide us with food.

Spring Term

Feeling hot, hot, hot or cold, cold, cold! – How can we protect animals around the world?

In this challenge pack children will investigate animals that are in danger around the world. They will learn about how delicate our world is and what they can do to help protect it and keep our animals safe. They will look at what makes animals suited to specific environments and what they can do inorder to keep them safe. The children will then present their findings to the rest of the school so that the school can support and adopt and animal.

Autumn Term

We Are Family! – How can we create a gallery of ourselves?

In this challenge pack children will investigate what is special about themselves and celebrate their differences. They will also look into families and relationships there importance and how they come in many different forms. They will then move on to look at how artists created self-portraits and experiment with a range of techniques. This will then lead to the children creating their own portraits and showcasing them in their very own gallery.