Welcome to Year Four

Miss Griffiths welcomes you to Year Four

Adders class creates a safe, welcoming environment for children as they move throughout Key Stage 2. Children will focus on building their resilience to become independent learners by participating in stimulating, engaging lessons to create a long-lasting love for learning.

The children will access a broad curriculum from learning an additional language to taking part in a debate. The skills learned in all lessons will support the children’s journey as they progress through Key Stage 2.

Challenge Packs

Summer Term

The Toy Maker’s Apprentice – How can we create a toy to encourage communication between younger children?

In this challenge pack, the children will be taken back in time to the Victorian era. They will experience what life was like as a Victorian child by learning about their day to day lives and how it compares to modern day childhood. Children will focus on how wooden toys were first established and investigate why particular toys have withstood the test of time. Year 4 children will have an opportunity to create their own Victorian inspired toy and use it to carry out their own research based on communication in KS1.

Spring Term

Around the World in 80 Beats – How can we represent music from around the world?

The Year 4 children will use their geography skills to locate, identify and compare countries, continents and cities from around the world. They will specifically look at musical culture by focusing on how people from different settings represent music that is important to them. Children will use their computing skills to create digital art that demonstrates their geographical and musical learning.

Autumn Term

Romans in Britain – How can we recreate a Roman banquet?

In this challenge pack, Year 4 children will learn all about the Roman era and why they invaded Britain. The children take on an enquiry-based approach to their learning by investigating, observing and questioning artefacts. They will have to discuss what the artefacts were used for and justify their assumptions by using primary and secondary sources. Children will have the opportunity to explore the daily lives of Romans in Britain by using their computing skills to research and then demonstrating their learning in a creative way.