Welcome to Year Two

Miss Lloyd, Miss Wilson and Miss Gittins welcome you to Year Two

Badger class supports children to move to the next stage of learning at Poppyfield Academy. They will continue to develop skills of independence, resilience and perseverance through an engaging curriculum. They will continue to recap any phonics that are necessary and move towards a “Book Talk” approach to their reading; building new comprehension skills.

The children will complete lessons throughout the day which will be a combination of practical, outdoor, physical, group and independent learning. All of which will support the children through their educational journey in Year Two.

Challenge Packs

Summer Term

Buckets, Spades and Umbrellas – How can we make a product to use at the beach.

In this challenge pack the children will learn all about British beaches and how they have been used throughout history. They will look at the geographical features of a coast line and compare our coastline with that of another country. The children will then move towards exploring products that have been used at the beach and what is particularly useful. They will design and create their own product to be used at the beach and then have the opportunity to test it out!

Spring Term

Honouring Heroes – How can we share the impact of heroes past and present and inspire others to be heroes?

In this challenge pack pupils will look into local heroes. They will investigate why street names around our school are named after war heroes. They will also identify that not all heroes are human. The children will learn the story of the Anzac puppy who supported soldiers on Cannock Chase and the story of Christ Church from Stafford – The horse found in the story War horse. In this challenge pack the children will link with the local community to ensure everyone honours our local heroes.

Autumn Term

Sparks will fly! – How can we teach our families to be safe at home?

In this challenge pack children will learn all about the history of the Fire Service. This will take them back to the Great Fire of London. They will learn all about the fire and what made the event so devastating. They will then move onto learning about the Gunpowder plot and the importance of this to British History. All of this will then link together to enable the children to look at the dangers of fire and how we can keep families and friends safe at home and during events like Bonfire night.