Welcome to Year Three

Miss White and Miss Tong welcome you to Year Three

Foxes class supports children with their move into Key Stage 2. They will continue to develop their independence, resilience and perseverance through an engaging and exciting curriculum. The children will build a range of comprehension schools through their understanding of “VIPERS” and continue to engage in events and activities to build a life long love of reading.

The children will complete a range of lessons involving many skills including practical, debate, independent, collaborative, physical and outdoor learning. All of the experiences and activities completed will support the children’s journey through they beginning of Key Stage 2.

Challenge Packs

Summer Term

It’s All Greek To Me! – How can we celebrate sporting traditions from the past?

In this challenge pack pupils will go back to the Ancient Greek times. They will learn about what life was like during these times and the different beliefs and traditions they had. They will then research the history of the Olympics and how it originated within Ancient Greece. They will look at how races and the events have changed over time and be able to try their hand at different athletic events. The children will then develop their own mini Olympics with a combination of new and old events for all to try.

Spring Term

Deep Water – How can we have a positive impact on our waterways?

In this challenge pack children will investigate the importance of rivers and canals and the difference between natural and man-made waterways. They will look at how they are created and the geographical features, and what humans have made to support their use of waterways. The pupils will complete map work in order to track rivers and canals and investigate how they have changed. They will also learn the importance of safety around water. The challenge pack will then focus on the environmental impacts on our waterways and what needs to be done to ensure they are protected and looked after.

Autumn Term

Catastrophe! – How can we help those affected by a catastrophe?

In this challenge pack the children will learn about different catastrophes, including any currently occurring. They will investigate volcanoes and earthquakes, how and why they occur and the damage that they can create. They will spend some time researching the disaster in Pompeii and the impact this and lessons that can be learnt. They will then focus on a recent disaster and look for ways in which they can help those affected.